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Holistic Dentistry

Your Conscientious Health Centered Holistic Dentist

Dr. Nelson Mari L. Gaba recognizes the fact that the accumulation of toxins in the body is a key factor underlying many health problems and that dental substances can contribute to toxic build up in the body. Our holistic dental practice considers materials and techniques that have been meticulously examined first by how it affects the whole body. Your holistic dentist resolutely recognizes that there is a significant interconnection between the teeth and the rest of the body.

A balanced, healthy body needs a balanced non-toxic dental treatment. This must be biocompatible with the entire body and must not compromise general health and well-being. Hence, we do not use metals and all materials are specifically selected for you with biocompatibility in mind. We recognize and respect your uniqueness and aim to create a therapeutic environment that is conducive to relaxation achieved through the use of aromatherapy, meditation therapy and other relaxation techniques. Whenever possible, homeopathics, supplements and other natural products are used for treatment so that further build up of toxins will be significantly reduced. Acknowledging the invasive nature of dental treatments, procedures should be kept to a minimum. Our focus is prevention. We try to achieve a caring wellness environment where your body can heal itself with the dental treatment being a significant part of the whole balance. We strive to work in harmony with the human body in its entirety, including mind and spirit.