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Holistic Paradigm Shift

In the Philippines, as is elsewhere in the world, a commonly shared mechanistic view of life revolves around the concept of the human body as a series of connecting but independent parts. This fragmented and compartmentalized concept gave the way to the formation of specialists who deal exclusively with the various parts of the body, not the body as a whole.

The traditional paradigm suggests that medical doctors will generally not question their patients about dental problems, because the teeth, gums, and the jaw belongs to the dentist’s domain, nor will the dentist ask their patients about their systemic problems (except during antibiotic protocol for patients with certain heart conditions). In antithesis with this outdated standard, there is overwhelming evidence that many of today’s health problems can originate from the mouth, stemming from the effects of toxic dental materials and/or disease conditions resulting from infected root canal teeth, amalgam fillings, tooth extractions, and others such procedures. As a result of the practitioners’ lack of familiarity, the patient is thus often misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated or does not respond to conventional and even alternative treatment.

The effect will not be eliminated until the cause is identified and removed. It is also worth mentioning that that the human body’s natural ability to heal itself and the immune system has been in constant stress by not only environmental pollution, but also by procedural pollution from dental and medical procedures with the use of toxic drug components, chemicals, radiation and excessive surgeries. A paradigm shift must be made to procedures which protect the body’s natural ability to heal and naturally enhanced the immune system.

In the dental profession, the philosophy of dental treatment suggests that the teeth are to be saved and restored by whatever means available, using the strongest, most lasting materials available. It is our fervent belief that a more reasonable holistic philosophy should exist:

No tooth is worth damaging your immune system.