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Metal-Free Dentistry

Dr. Nelson Mari L. Gaba acknowledges the biological significance of corrosive products used in dentistry. The electro corrosive processes change the surface structure and physical properties of the restoration involved. Such changes, as well as tarnish of course, can be easily seen, especially when low quality alloys are used. These changes enhance bacterial plaque accumulation and make the corrosive procedure go faster. Electro corrosive processes predisposes to plaque accumulation not only on metal surfaces but also on the adjacent teeth and marginal surface. The corrosion products formed in the mouth are absorbed by the tissues in the teeth, saliva, the soft tissues and body fluids. It can be expected that some of the corrosion products taken up by saliva, the gingival and the dental pulp will be rapidly transported throughout the body and sometimes to specific target organs where they are accumulated.

Dr. Gaba also acknowledges that metals in our mouth has a strong electromagnetic field around it. This electromagnetic field present in metal crowns, metal fillings and metal bridges may cause an electromagnetic interference to our body’s nervous system contributing to Biophysical stress. It is imperative that a material compatibility test be rendered before any teeth restoration is to be performed. Your holistic dentist believes in the concept of metal free dentistry.