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Michael David Margolis, DDS, Doctor of Integrative Medicine


Synopsis/ Abstract: 

The objective is to introduce Dentists and other Healthcare Practitioners to the Principles of Biological Dentistry and their daily application to their respective clinical practice.

Focus is on how to diagnose toxic materials and conditions in a patient’s mouth and be able to recognize commonly seen conditions that are harmful but not recognized by Traditional Standards and be able to provide the necessary services to assist your patients’ needs. The lecture will likewise cover a roster of varied clinical holistic approach to record keeping, radiographs, periodontal records, biocompatible materials, the use of trigger point injections to diagnose a patient’s condition plus how to significantly identify infected root canals and past extraction sites as a source of ‘poison’ to your patient’s body. After which this lecture will then present the protocols or solutions of how to properly treat these conditions, proper removal of mercury dental amalgam fillings and precautions to protect your staff, patients and oneself with the unadulterated premise to do no harm.

Finally, this lecture will showcase a number of clinical cases including how the patient was presented, what they were suffering from, how they were treated while recognizing and acknowledging on going results together with the final results of their case.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Margolis is not just a Doctor of Dental Surgery, he is also a Doctor of Integrative Medicine. As such, he is capable of handling many complex dental health cases coordinated with other alternative providers.  Dr. Margolis focuses on restoring patient’s health through many holistic techniques including avoiding root canals. If required, Dr. Margolis is trained in performing a holistic approach to oral surgeries.


Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Washington DC
Degree: Doctor of Integrative Medicine    2000 to 2002

University of Texas, Dental School, San Antonio, Texas
Degree: Doctor of Dental Surgery    1979 to 1983

American Graduate School of International Management
Glendale, Arizona
Degree: Masters of International Management 1974 to 1975

University of Illinois
Champaign, Illinois
Degree: Political Science 1970 to 1974

Professional Associations:

  • International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
    Past President March 2006 -2007
    17222 Red Oak Drive, Suite 101, Houston, Texas 77090
  • Institute of Nutritional Dentistry
    Co-founder and owner of the IND
    International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT)
  • Holistic Dental Association (HDA)


Dr. Margolis has lectured nationally and internationally on many important Holistic Dentistry topics, including:

  • Holistic philosophy of how teeth affect the entire health of the human body
  • Practice management and recording keeping (Dr. Mike also has a Masters of International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird.)
  • Effects of heavy metal dental fillings on patient’s health
  • CAVITAT™ Medical Technology, an Ultrasonic thorough bone measuring density device
  • Ischemic Osteonecrotic lesions, or dead bone from poor blood flow
  • The use and placement of Zirconium Implants


Dr. Margolis is extremely involved in holistic dentistry through his involvement in many industry associations:

  • Past President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
  • Member of the International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology
  • Member of the Holistic Dental Association
  • Founding member of the Institute of Natural Dentistry
  • Graduated Capital University of Integrative Medicine in 2000

The Speakers

Dr. Dawn Ewing                                        Dr. Mike Margolis



Ticket price is Php 1,000

Part of the proceeds will benefit the Las Piñas Persons with Disability Federation, Inc.

For early registration, please deposit payment at:

Banco De Oro

Acct Name: Nelson Mari L. Gaba

Acct #: 006500068342

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