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Music Therapy

Dr. Nelson Gaba is an advocate of Music Therapy. The latest research confirms that music bypasses your conscious mind. It goes directly to and stimulates the part of the brain that controls your emotions and vital pulses such as the heart and respiratory rates, as well as blood pressure. Music that is played at sixty beats or less per minute will slow down your metabolic responses, which not only decreases your stress level, but also increases the amount of chemical endorphins your brain releases and leads to strengthening of your immune system. Listening to special music that has been designed to work with the body’s natural frequency has helped people reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, moodiness, and susceptibility to catching colds and flu, as well as helping to eliminate and prevent many other diseases. It has also been found to turn the body pH from acidic to alkaline, where disease cannot exist. Stress reducing music such as this has been proven by health-care practitioners around the world to be a major aid in eliminating degenerative diseases without drugs and surgery.